Introducing our Variable Buoyancy Strobe Arm!

We are proud to introduce our Helium variable buoyancy strobe arm! We strive for the KISS! (Keep is Simple St_pid!) way of doing things. What can be easier than screwing parts together without tools? Our innovative system simply adds more airspace to add more flotation. If you use just the 2 blue sections, giving you an 8″ strobe arm, you have a net buoyancy of .5lbs (227 grams), just by adding a single grey section, a 2″ increase in length, you gain .25 lbs (113.5 grams). A full set offers a full pound (454 grams) of lift. Most importantly, the buoyancy doesn’t change the deeper you go, not like those “uncompressible” foam floats.

Another handy feature is that the arms can be used as storage! While travelling, you can store your delicate sync cords inside, if you’re on a boat, you can handily keep your room key in the arm…or even some money should you find yourself on a surface interval where you can buy some refreshments.

Each section is double O-ring sealed and certified to 150 meters.


8″ (2 blue sections, .5lb lift) U$ 90.00

10″ (2 blue, 1 grey, .75lb lift) U$ 112.50

12″ (2 blue, 2 grey, 1lb lift) U$ 135.00

additional grey section (2″, .25lb lift) U$22.50

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