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Image Galleries from our trips, workshops or just plain liked!

The first Aquatica/SLS Photo Anilao UW Workshop was a success!

This gallery contains 121 photos.

The first ever underwater photography workshop by Aquatica and SLS Photography was a resounding success! We gathered 14 Aquatica shooters and had a great time at the beautiful Dive Solana Resort in Batangas.  Surrounded by a very “Target Rich” environment, … Continue reading

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Anilao 2016 was a hit!

This gallery contains 99 photos.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been back from Anilao and the memories are as vivid as the colours you see here.  Dive Solana was predictably amazing and made sure to ply us with enough hospitality and food to … Continue reading

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Insane Detail of the Canon 5Dsr

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Canon new high megapixel camera has been receiving a lot of attention in the photographic world.  The most notable being it’s massive 50.3 MP of resolution.  Aquatica has announced that it will be shipping it’s A5Dsr housing very shortly and we’re looking … Continue reading

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Threshers, Muck and More 2015

This gallery contains 79 photos.

Well, we just completed our latest trip to the Philippines!  We first went to Malapascua Island under the capable hands of Evolution Dive Resort.  We got to check out the amazing thresher sharks of Monad Shoal.  After Malapascua (and a … Continue reading

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Whale Sharks of Oslob

This gallery contains 22 photos.

We went to Oslob in 2014.  It was a phenomenal experience but at the same time, it felt a bit wrong as these amazing animals were coming up like a domesticated pet looking for a handout.  We also dove Moalboal … Continue reading

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Solana 2013

This gallery contains 76 photos.

Our latest trip to the Philippines was to one of our favorite dive destinations anywhere!  Dive Solana in Anilao.  We experienced a few firsts on this trip, we finally popped our blue ring octopus cherry! After over 20 years of … Continue reading

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