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Strobe Arms, Ball Adapters, Floats and other doodads that help you take better photos!

Our new Fiber Optic Ring Flash is now available! $650

Our new fiber optic ring flash was designed to create a light source that would envelope your subject in a soft glow and remove any harsh shadows.  Comprised of 16 3mm fiber optic light pipes, the light transmission is so … Continue reading

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Announcing the New Aquatica ACU (Aquatica Close-Up) System!

We’re proud to feature the newly announced ACU from Aquatica! Even better, our images from our last photo workshop in Anilao was used for some of the sample imagery! Contact us @ for detail and on how to order … Continue reading

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Introducting the “Strobe Sniper”

Our custom 3D printed flexible snoot uses a single 10mm fiber optic line (not a bunch of smaller cables).  This translates to a much more efficient transfer of light through our system compared to other brands.  The Strobe Sniper includes … Continue reading

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New TLC Arm designs!

There is something new coming from TLC (Technical Lighting Control). The strobe arms have been redesigned and are now over 10% lighter than the original “Swiss Cheesed” arms from TLC.  There are new buoyancy arms as well in 8 and … Continue reading

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Aquaview 45

The AQUA VIEW 45 Degree finder. The Aqua View 45 contribute in making the Aquatica System the most comprehensive in the industry. After intensive field testing, this view finder was hailed, by the photographers who used it, for its viewing … Continue reading

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4 Pretty Domes, all in a row…

Here is the full range of Aquatica’s dome ports, from massive 9.25″ glass Megadome all the way down to the 4″ minidome, with the 8″ and 6″ acrylic domes in between.

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