The AE-M1 Housing for the Olympus OMD-EM1

_SLS9599The latest baggage weight limits (both check-in and carry-on) certainly makes international air travel a major hassle for the underwater photographer. For trans-Pacific flights, most airlines allow 2 x 50lb (22kg) check-in bags and 1 (usually weighed) carry-on per passenger.  Gone is the option of being able to carry on one’s full underwater photo kit on board the aircraft…especially if one is shooting a full frame system even cropped (FX) sensors.  However, the new cameras released in the m43rds (micro 4/3rds) are catching up to both the AF and most importantly image quality capabilities of at least the 1.5-1.6 crop cameras.   Enter the Aquatica AE-M1 housing for Olympus’ flagship OMD-EM1 camera.

_SLS9606The Aquatica AE-M1 with the all new SW-8 compact 8″ Dome Port.

_SLS9610The cam lock system that provides a secure rear cover lock with the new clam shell style housing back

_SLS9602The AE-M1  side by side with the AD-5Dmk3 Housing, both are fitted with the 4″ glass dome.  The AE-M1 is significantly smaller than the DSLR housing

_SLS9608The new compact macro port for the 60mm macro is pre-threaded for M67 type close-up lenses, like the Aquatica +10 close-up diopter.


The AE-M1 supports the new Surveyor Vacuum check system.  The Surveyor adds an extra level of security to ensure water doesn’t enter the housing by letting the user pre-verify the water tight integrity of the housing.

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