Aquaview 45


The AQUA VIEW 45 Degree finder.

The Aqua View 45 contribute in making the Aquatica System the most comprehensive in the industry. After intensive field testing, this view finder was hailed, by the photographers who used it, for its viewing comfort and its built quality. The Aqua View 45 optical tract is built of high quality BK-7 coated glass elements, delivering a 100% enhanced viewing area, allowing the photographer to see a crisp, bright and sharp image from corner to corner from a convenient and comfortable angle of view.

Aqua View Finder are designed to be installed and removed easily by the user in as little as 30 seconds. This feature alone makes it convenient for its removal in preparation for travel and long-term storage.

Designed with the intention of having the smallest and less obstructive shape possible, the body of the Aqua View 45 is built of the finest grade aluminum, hard anodized to military specification and protected furthermore with a baked on powder. The Aqua View 45 is rated to depths of up to a minimum 90m (300 ft.) and is built to go way beyond this depth rating. All materials used in its construction are top quality, exactly the same grade used by the aeronautical industry. This extra step in quality control insures that your Aqua View Finder will resist the harsh working environment common to the underwater photographer with flying colors.

Its streamlined design, does away with the blunt boxy shape normally associated with this type of view finder, diopter correction setting are done via the camera view finder adjustment found on all DSLR’s. Doing so internally will insure that this correction will remain sharp and optimized for as long as you need it to be.

  • BK-7 coated glass optics. 100 meters depth rating.
  • Anodized aluminum construction protected with powder coating for long-lasting performance.
  • Compact and streamlined design minimising the obstruction of the rear LCD to its minimum.
  • Quickly User adaptable to our recent line up of housings

Current thinking is that the angled viewfinders are for shooting macro, allowing the photographer to lower the perspective or position of the camera down into the muck. However, we humbly beg to differ, this coming from the experience of trying to track a moving blue ring octopus along a wall.  Rather colourful phrases were bubbling out of our regulator at regular intervals. The position of the finder goes totally against our eye/hand coordination. Our brain tells our hand that we’re looking down at something, and thus the hands position/point the housing lower than where we’d want the lens to point. Yes, you can train yourself out of it but it is far easier to use the regular 180 Aquaview or even the stock Galileo pickup finder.   Where the 45 excels is shooting wide angle.  Most photographers want to include the sun in the photo, however, when in a normal swimming position, our necks are strained to look up, but when using a 45 VF, the housing can be pointed up while we maintain a normal head position, helping us compose easier and suffer less inhaled seawater.

_MG_3776This image was taken with the help of the Aquaview 45, the angle of the finder let us wait for the anemonefish to come out of the host’s tentacles.

Try it, you might just like it. =)

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