Our new Fiber Optic Ring Flash is now available! $650

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Our new fiber optic ring flash was designed to create a light source that would envelope your subject in a soft glow and remove any harsh shadows. ┬áComprised of 16 3mm fiber optic light pipes, the light transmission is so effective that a single strobe is all that’s needed to power the light.

Notice the image below, the polyps of the sea fan are out, because of the smaller profile created by our light, there is nothing pushing against the fan and the polyps are not disturbed.


The ring light is designed to accept the Aquatica +5 and +10 close up diopters and will mount on the Aquatica AF and AF/MF Macro Ports.

The unit is┬ámachined fromhigh grade aluminum and hard anodized for a lifetime of use, no cheap plastics here. The “light collectors” accept the S&S YS-D1/D2 and the Inon Z2xx series strobes.

More sample images below:

_MG_4034 _MG_3302 _MG_3231 _MG_2714 _MG_2095 _MG_1923

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