Helium Variable Buoyancy Strobe Arms !!! All New!!!

The New Helium Variable Buoyancy Strobe Arms

Introducing our brand new, in house designed Helium Variable Buoyancy Strobe Arms. Features a straight forward and simple design (no valves to muck about or clog or get stuck). One simply adds or removes extensions to change the amount of buoyancy and length of the arm. The 2 blue ends form a standard 8″ arm and offers a net lift of .5 lbs. Each Grey extension will add a further .25 lbs of net lift. No more foam floats that compress at depth and start to stink after a week of diving! No more buying extra arm sections if you need more length or buoyancy!

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum, the hard anodized coating will help keep these arms looking great for years. A dual O-ring ensures that there will be no leakage and thus loss of buoyancy. The arm serves double duty as a handy place to keep your room key or small change! The 12″ kit is basically 3 arm lengths in one package with .5 to 1lb of lift available! Additional .25 extensions available as well.

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