Another day of successful muck photography

Anilao…was just like coming home

It was like coming home…Anilao was where I first dove in the Philippines, my first ever warm water dive, and I dove at Dive Solana.  The resort was as welcoming as ever, and the critters were there for the taking…of photographs!  All images taken with either the Aquatica A7D housing for the Canon 7D or the Aquatica AN-5n Housing for the Sony NEX-5n housing. The purple nudibranch (3rd row, 2nd one from the left) in the gallery was 5mm long (1 grain of rice) and was taken with the help of the Aquatica +10 Close Up Diopter set.

We will be going back in 2013, Email us for details!


This gallery contains 40 photographs in all as  _DSC0529 photograph etc.